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The 38th Annual Sedona Car Show

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of The Jaguar E-Type

The 38th annual Sedona Car Show will be held at the Sedona Airport and be part of the Wings and Wheels celebration which is scheduled for Saturday, October 2nd, 2021.

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To highlight the E-Type's anniversary, we will have a special class in their honor. In addition, Jaguar had so many distinctive cars in that era, we will have another class for Non-E-Type vintage Jaguars, as well.

Show hours are 10:00am till 2:00pm.
Check-in is from 8:00am till 10:00am.
Day of show registration is for non-judged, DISPLAY only.
There will be a limit of 110 cars.
Car Show Entry Forms must be postmarked by Saturday, September 18, 2021.

Income from this show helps support our Scholarship Program.

Contact the car show committee at for more information.

Show Entry Form

Show Rules & Class Definitions

Stock is defined as having no more than three visual modifications. Stock domestic cars go in classes A or B by the appropriate year. Stock foreign cars go in class G. Stock trucks go in class E.

Cars having more than three visual modifications are defined as Modified and go in classes C or D by the appropriate year. Modified trucks go in class class F.

Sport Cars are small, usually two seats, that have a high horsepower to weight ratio and designed for high speed driving and maneuverability. Some sports cars may have a 2+2 seating arrangement with the rear seats usually small and suitable for luggage or children. All sports cars should go in class H.

Exotic Cars or sometimes called "supercars" are very expensive, fast, powerful, and limited production. They are often times hand built by the manufacturer and include a wide array of automotive high technology (light weight materials, drivetrains, aerodynamics and premium materials).

Premier Class is a special class to recognize all 2019 first place winners.

The Car Show Committee will make every attempt to determine the appropriate class with the car owner. This may require reassigning a car to an appropriate class. Cars determined to be in the wrong class will be ineligible for trophies.

Show Raffle Prizes

The Sedona Car Club extends our thanks and appreciation to the following businesses that provided raffle prizes:

Belfry Brewery Cafe Jose Canyon Mesa Country Club Clark's Market
Cleaner Quicker Car Wash Cork & Catch Restaurant Crazy Tony's Shell Crest Insurance
Dahl Restaurants Famous Pizza Ghost Town Tours Golden Goose Restaurant
Hagerty Insurance Hideway House Restaurant O Reilly Auto Parts Oak Creek Country Club
P.J.'s Village Pub Reese's Tires & Automotive Rocky Rd. Ice Cream Co. Rotten Johnny's Pizza
Sedona Oil & Lube
Sedona Hilton Hotel Streetside Classics-Mesa
SteakHouse 89

Show Winners

Class "A" - 1900-1961 Stock Domestic Cars

Class "B" - 1962-1996 Stock Domestic Cars

First Place

Tim Brown
1958 Chevrolet Corvette

Second Place

Lindsey McConnell
1941 Plymouth P-12 Auxiliary Seat Coupe

First Place

Jesse Franco
1963 Cadillac Convertible

Second Place

Darren Simmons
1967 Pontiac GTO

Class "C" - Hot Rods & Modified Cars to 1961

Class "D" - Hot Rods & Modified Cars to 1962-1996

First Place

Joel DeTar
1932 Ford 3-Window Coupe

Second Place

James Sheehan
1934 Ford Vicky (All Steel)

First Place

Dennis Caldwell
1973 Chevelle Malibu

Class "E" - Stock Trucks & 4x4's to 1996

Class "F" - Modified Trucks & 4x4's to 1996

First Place

Bob Backus
1972 Chevy C20 4x4

Second Place

Craig Backus
1972 GMC Jimmy

First Place

Michael Johnson
1952 Ford F-1

Second Place

Charlie Backus
1968 Toyota Landcruiser

Class "G" - Stock Foreign Cars to 1996 (excluding Jaguar)

Class "H" - Sports Cars 1996 (excluding Jaguar)

First Place

Aurelio Saladino
1960 Fiat 1200 Spider

Second Place

Kent & Audra Backus
1963 Volkswagen Beetle

First Place

William Oprendek
1965 AC Cobra

Second Place

Brock Landers
1966 Corvette Roadster

Class "I" - Exotic Cars

Class "J" - Jaguar Type E

First Place

Jan & W.M. Stalcup
1948 Allard L-Type

Second Place

David Bartis
2015 Lamborghini Aventador

First Place

Lou & Laura Hardin
1968 51 Jaguar E Type OTS

Second Place

Raymond Hendricks
1967 Jaguar XKE OTS

Class "K" - Jaguar (excluding Type E, 1996 and earlier)

First Place

Gary Carson
1966 Jaguar S Type

Class "L" - Premier Class (2017 1st Pace Winners)

First Place

Raymond Scott
1957 Ford Skyliner

Second Place

Mike Clark
1930 Ford Pickup

Mayor's Choice

Lois Ulhlein
1959 Austin Healey Sprite

President's Choice

Jan & W.M. Stalcup
1948 Allard L-Type

Best In Show

Jan & W.M. Stalcup
1948 Allard L-Type

All Entries from 2021 Show

Fun Pictures From The Show


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